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Registered Black and White Miniature Cheviot Sheep and Fleece


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We spend our days raising sweet miniature cheviot sheep for your farm and family. Feel free to spend time on our virtual farm. We love visitors!


Miniature Cheviot Sheep



The hardy, dual-purpose miniature cheviot is ideal for a small family farm. These small sheep originated on the moors of Wales. They are very self-sufficient as mothers and at converting pasture to wool and body weight. The miniature cheviot's wool is excellent for hand-spinners. It is a soft, dense, low-grease wool with a medium staple length. We offer sheep and wool in both downy white and in shades of velvet brown. Both take to dyeing with great ease. 

Members: American Miniature Cheviot Sheep Breeders Assoc (AMCSBA), KS/USDA Scrapie Program and KS Sheep Assoc

Registered miniature cheviot lambs

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seasonal offer

We have black and white registered lambs for sale. Please contact the farm to find out more on availability and pricing.


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