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Passion on the Farm or Keep your eyes on the Gander!

This is Tiberius and Ferdinand. They are Exhibition size grey dewlap Toulouse ganders. As I write this they are in the beginnings of their yearly journey into mad, crazy love. We have four geese; Marigold, Amaryllis, Peony and Tallulah Mae. Tiberius, Marigold and Amaryllis are our Alpha group and Ferdinand, Peony and Tallulah Mae are our Beta group.

The laying season starts towards the end of February. It has a month-long run-up of loud honks by both geese and ganders as well as constant statements of claim by the ganders. The statements come in the form of hissing and charging. Apparently, those who provide food are considered potential mates and so, competitors by the boys! Staying alert and using redirection keeps confrontation at a minimum.

The goal is a healthy, happy cohort which goes on to produce fertile eggs over the next few months. Usually at the rate of one every three days for our birds with the season ending towards the end of April. The rhythm of nature at work. So here's to mad, crazy love, to staying alert and future goslings!

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Membre inconnu
25 janv. 2020

They're so big. I want to see a video of them following you after feeding! Sounds like they chase you & fight for attention. 😆

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