Miniature Cheviot and BFL/Border Leicester Fleece

Miniature Cheviot and BFL/Border Leicester Fleece

Miniature cheviot wool has a distinctive helical crimp which allows for an elasticity that is perfect for anything that needs stretch like socks or hats. It is a spinning and dyeing dream. It takes dyes readily creating both lovely, bright colors or intense darks from the white and dark brown wool. Miniature cheviot wool produces high volumes of yarn at low fleece weight. This translates into a fantastic, light knit product with great wearability.

Our leicester wool has a longer staple and a slightly higher micron count than the cheviot. It is an optimal choice for hard-wearing everyday items such as sweaters, mittens or socks. Many of our sheep have a wonderful luster to their wool that translates to a beautiful clear and bright dyed product.


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